A coffee collective is not about a linear coffee chain from producer to consumer. We like to branch out and search for interesting collaborations. This makes our product ever so much more enjoyable and also educative.

BAIN Coffee Kombucha

Kombucha is a beverage of a fermented base; usually tea is used for it. Together with BAIN Brewing, we developed a coffee kombucha based on cold brew coffee. Our Keramo Washed proved to be an excellent coffee for cold brewing and extended fermentation.

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Tigershark ♥ Shokunin

After years of working together in specialty coffee, the owners of Tigershark Coffee (Vinni) and Shokunin Coffee (Jelle) decided to start a more intensive collaboration. Vinni uses his very critical and unbiased palate to select the most exquisite coffees, for which Jelle designs the perfect roast profile. The result: truly spectacular brews and beans to take home at Tigershark Coffee in Scheveningen.

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Kaapse Jelle

Kaapse Brouwers and Shokunin do not only share a space, they also share a passion for their product. Together, they developed the coffee-infused Double IPA Kaapse Jelle, named after Shokunin’s owner. Part of the fruity hops were replaced with the Keramo Natural to give the beer the same passion fruit sweetness, but with a stronger body from coffee. The result was much more interesting than the standard Coffee Stouts and it will definitely be repeated again!

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