An aeropress coffee brewer with its accessories



The Aeropress is a simple way to make an excellent filter coffee with more body and sweetness.

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The Aeropress is as diverse as it is easy to use. It offers multiple brewing methods and serving options. For example, you can go for a high concentrate espresso-like beverage or for a very delicate filter brew. Its dimensions and ease of use make it a great travelling companion. There are even annual world championships to find the best recipe with this brewer. Some people prefer a V60 for filter coffee. However, if you play around with recipes enough, you will always find one that’s just right for you.

Contains 1 Aeropress, 1 funnel, 1 filter holder, 350 filters, 1 scoop and 1 stirrer.

You can find the World Aeropress Championship recipes here.

Brewing recipes

For every brewing method at home, we try to make things a little easier with our brewing recipes.

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