El Nido

The rare Caturra Chirozo variety and appropriate processing earned this Colombian – Ethiopian fusion a second place at the 2018 Cup of Antioquia.


El Nido

Sometimes, we just want to geek out on stellar coffees with surprising flavours. Colombia has always been my favourite origin due to its high supply in quality coffee and its diversity in flavour profiles. La Argentina was one of those Colombian coffees that blew me away, because it tasted like a Kenyan coffee.

El Nido is a rare Caturra Chirozo variety, a natural Typica-like hybrid, which gives it a very Ethiopian-like flavour profile. This earned it a second place in the 2018 Cup of Antioquia, and a first place in the Youth Cup for young farmers. Such a wonderful coffee should be presented properly, so even though we do not have a long-lasting, sustainable collaboration with the farmer Daniel Hernandez (yet), this coffee deserves its place in the line-up.

Brewing recipe | Espresso

Brew ratio: 2.4
Shot time: 30 seconds
Water temperature: 93 degrees Celsius
Pressure: 8.9 bars

Brewing recipe | Filter

Brewing method: V60
Dose: 18 grams
Water temperature: 98 degrees Celsius
Water quantity: 300 grams
Brew time: 3:00

Additional information
Weight N/A

Urrao, Antioquia, Colombia


2,000 m.a.s.l.


Caturra Chirozo


Fully washed, 72hr dry fermentation, dried first in parabolic, then in gas drier.


Light and floral aromas like jasmin and bergamot. Bright, sweet flavours like peach and lychee. Soft body like earl grey tea.


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