Flor Silvestre

Heavy and dark aromas like cacao and nutmeg. Mildly sweet taste like red apples. Smooth yet intense body like dark chocolate.


Flor Silvestre

A direct trade model that does not focus on microlot selection, but instead empowers small farmers to contribute for a collective premium.

Flor Silvestre is actually not a farm, but a regional blend, curated by Expocamo in Nicaragua. They make it possible for smallholder farmers to contribute to specialty coffee, even though they don’t have the capacity to do so individually. Combining this with a quality premium, we are able to support small scale producers similarly to our other, larger producers.

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The story

Even though working together with farmers is the core of our approach to sustainable coffee trade, there is a world of potential that we miss out on. Most of our projects, and most of the projects that our colleague roasters do, are focused on creating very specific microlots together with farmers. This allows us to create more and more unique flavour profiles in our coffees. We like this approach, because it keeps things versatile and interesting, and it allows the farmer to create more value out of his produce.

Expocamo was founded in 2015 by Francisco Javier Valle Garcia, who before this already had a huge network by working with producers and being head roaster at the renowned Stumptown Coffee Roasters. He created a devoted team of agronomists, cuppers and other coffee professionals to connect coffee professionals across the world with Nicaraguan producers.

Expocamo has three classifications of coffee: A (83 – 85 pts), AA (85 – 87 pts) and AAA (87+ pts). This system determines the price paid to the producers and the FOB price. Whereas the AA and AAA coffees are sold as single origin specialty coffee, A graded coffees are usually tricky to sell by themselves. Some of these coffees are also produced in too small quantities to sell uniquely. Expocamo carefully cups all these lots, and decided which of them will be beneficial to certain blends that they then export. One of these blends is the Flor Silvestre.

The producers of these A grade coffees usually only earn the market price for their product, but working with Expocamo they earn more than double. The grading system is also incentive for them to try and invest in the quality of their operation to possibly increase their revenue. The Flor Silvestre gives us a blend that is consistent in flavour over the years and allows these producers to also make qualitative growth in their coffees and in their lives.

Thank you

By supporting Expocamo through the Flor Silvestre lot, you support a wide group of smallholder farmers. They are willing to grow qualitatively and to put love and care in their products, but without Expocamo, they would not be able to sell their coffee to us. Working this way, we “collectivize” our quality premium.

Additional information
Weight N/A

Ocotal, West Nicaragua


1,100 – 1,500 m.a.s.l.


Mix of local Caturra, Pacas, Catuai and Catimor


Fully washed (14 – 20hrs fermentation), dried on raised beds


Heavy and dark aromas like cacao and nutmeg. Mildly sweet taste like red apples. Smooth yet intense body like dark chocolate.


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