After a mindblowingly rough history, this emerging origin now starts showcasing its diversity in unique and promising flavour profiles.



At the World of Coffee event in Amsterdam in 2018, I found a coffee that blew me away. It had some of the characteristics that many coffees from Congo exhibit that I have begun to love, but there was also a crisp and floral sweetness to it. With the cuppings being organized every couple of hours, I decided to return later to cup it again for a second opinion.

The second time I went to the Cup-A-Lot stand, who is the importer of this coffee, I actually met the representative of the Katanda cooperative. After a short chat about his coffee and his vision, he gave me his phone number so that we could stay in touch over Whatsapp, This gave me the confidence that this coffee might also become a direct trade project of mine.

Brewing recipe | Filter

Brewing method: V60
Dose: 17.5 grams
Water temperature: 95 degrees Celsius
Water quantity: 300 grams
Brew time: 2:50

Brewing recipe | Espresso

Brew ratio: 2.35
Shot time: 26 seconds
Water temperature: 93 degrees Celsius
Pressure: 8.9 bars

The bracelets as seen in the picture above were handed out by Cup-A-Lot, who founded the direct trade link with this cooperative. They are meant to keep people conscious of their product, and the colour indicates the cherry colour that we are looking for.

Additional information
Weight N/A

North Kivu, DR Congo


1,800 – 1,900 m.a.s.l.


Bourbon, Ruiru


Fully washed


Spicy yet floral aromas like lavender and cloves. Sweet and floral taste like figs and bergamot. Soft and floral body like earl grey tea.


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