Ojo de Agua

The debut of Guatemala as an origin in the line-up, establishing the foundations for future projects with a team of specialized direct traders.


Ojo de Agua

Many people are familiar with my reluctance about Guatemalan coffee. When I got in touch with Primavera Coffee, specialists in specialty coffee from this origin, I really wanted to get involved in their projects. After a couple of cuppings, I finally found a coffee that I liked. This may be the start of a great collaboration in a new origin.

The story

The name of the farm, Ojo de Agua or Eyes of Water, refers to all the water springs found in the land. The farm is owned by Gilberto Carrillo, whose family has been producing coffee for 3 generations already. Gilberto started working on the farm in 2011 when it suffered heavily from an outbreak of leaf rust. With a lot of dedication and help from Anacafe, they managed to get rid of the leaf rust and stabilize their production.


Since we do not have a direct collaboration and therefore no concrete plans yet, there is no quality premium either. However, one of our projects on the Argote farm to extend their drying beds requires some more funding. This is why we decided to charge 1.50 Euros above the regular mark-up which will be used to pay for Argote’s new drying beds. This cross-collaboration is a new premium system that we hope will create more opportunities for sustainable growth.

Efrain Argote estimates to need USD 1,800 to build drying beds for his entire harvest. We hope to fund 70% of this amount by selling this coffee. Once this project succeeds, we can then do something in return for Gilberto Carrillo.

Brewing recipe | espresso

Brew ratio: 2.1
Shot time: 26 seconds
Water temperature: 92.5 degrees Celsius
Pressure: 8.9 bars

Additional information
Weight N/A

Huehuetenango, Guatemala


1,600 m.a.s.l.


Caturra, Mundo Novo, Catuai


Fully washed, 3 days fermentation


Heavy, spicy aromas like liquorice. Soft, mellow sweetness like pear and lychee. Intense, heavy body like brown sugar and walnuts.


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