A Porlex grinder to grind fresh filter coffee

Porlex grinder


The best entry-level hand grinder. Its full metal body and ergonomic design make it easier to use than comparable alternatives.

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If you want to try out hand grinding your coffee for much better filter brews, the Porlex coffee grinder is a good start. It has a full metal body so it doesn’t get damaged easily and long lasting ceramic burrs. It fits perfectly in an Aeropress, making it convenient to travel with.

This is version 2 of the Porlex coffee grinder. Compared to version 1, they made significant improvements. The grind size adjustments are more precise at 37 microns instead of 80. The speed at which you grind coffee has also been improved.

In order to start off with a fairly accurate grind size, you can use the following indicators. The numbers tell the amount of clicks from zero.

You can find a YouTube video comparing different hand grinders here.

People looking for an electric grinder may want to take a look at the Wilfa Svart Nymalt.

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