Reko Koba

Through direct communication and open-mindedness, this cooperative uses experience as a foundation for qualitative growth.

Floral and bright aromas like jasmin. Intense, juicy sweetness like peach. Soft and bright body like marzipan.

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Reko Koba

In the beginning of 2017, the Ethiopian coffee market was finally released from the restraints by the central exchange. Through our partners at The Coffee Quest, we found a way to collaborate with a very promising cooperative in one of Ethiopia’s most prized regions.

The story

The Reko Koba cooperative collects coffee from many smallholder farms in the Kochere region and employs 97 people in total. It is leased by Firewoyne Tesfaye from a beaming old man named Shanta Werku. In the past year, it has implemented numerous process improvements based on recommendations by Catalyst Coffee Consulting and Dominion Trading. Examples include floating tanks to remove low-density beans, replacing bamboo drying beds with metal and plastic ones to prevent mold and setting trainings and protocols on all fronts.

Eyasu Bekele is the operations manager and has worked in coffee processing for over 20 years. Kiros Abraham helps implementing quality programs and makes sure all farmers get paid fairly. Samuel is responsible for the coffee operations and maintaining the pulping machine. Each of these key players, but also all other people involved, are extremely passionate about their work and product.

Key achievements

February: First honey production of this cooperative. Analyzed and shared washed, honey and natural coffee to explore this coffee in different ways.

February: Shared a comparative tasting box with the people at Reko Koba and all the feedback on the project.

Brewing recipe | Filter

Brewing method: V60
Brew ratio: 16.7
Water temperature: 92 degrees Celsius
Brew time: medium-short

Brewing recipe | espresso

Brew ratio: 2.3
Brew time: 26 seconds
Water temperature: 92.5 degrees Celsius
Pressure: 8.9 bars

Recommended to be served in a frozen cup or glass

Thank you

By supporting Reko Koba, you show people in origin what a difference their effort can make. We believe we have found one of the best Ethiopian coffees out there. These farmers show they are open to feedback and to innovation, so with our help and financing, we can achieve even more.

Additional information
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Kochere, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


1,700 – 1,800 m.a.s.l.




Fully washed, 72hr wet fermentation, 12-24hr soak, dried on raised beds


Floral and bright aromas like jasmin. Intense, juicy sweetness like peach. Soft and bright body like marzipan.


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