Plastic v60 dripper to brew filter coffee with

V60 02 dripper


Hario V60 02 dripper for delicious filter brews with more brightness, clarity and sweetness.

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In our opinion, the V60 02 dripper is the best filter coffee brewer there is. It allows for brews with maximum clarity, sweet, rounded flavours and a silky body. Whereas some people choose the material based on aesthetics, we only offer the plastic one. This one is best due to the thermal insulation it provides. Other materials bring down the slurry temperature a lot, resulting in a worse extraction, and they are more expensive too. Our advice is to use the cheaper but better V60 02 dripper and spend the rest on a better kettle or better filters for even more amazing brews.

Contains 1 brewer and 1 scoop.

Brewing recipes

For every brewing method at home, we try to make things a little easier with our brewing recipes.

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