Roasting styles

Roasting is something that has been talked about very secretive for quite some time. Fortunately, nowadays people seem to be a bit more open on what they do. This also makes it easier for customers to understand differences between roasters and to base their choice on it.

In this webshop, you will find that most coffees have different and sometimes quite distinctive roasting styles available. In this journal entry, I would like to explain the differences in order to make it a bit easier to choose a coffee not only by origin or flavour profile, but also by roast profile.


Espresso coffees are meant for espresso brewing. Filter brews will taste more intense, and will not exhibit the coffee’s unique characteristics as much as a dedicated filter roast would. Some consumers prefer this type of filter brews, so feel free to use it as such. Espresso roasts focus on a smooth mouthfeel and sweetness.


Filter coffees are only suitable for filter brewing. Espressos will taste very acidic and not be pleasant to drink. These filter roasts focus on clarity and sweetness and will always be interesting yet pleasant to experience.


Omniroasts are suitable for both filter and espresso. Filter brews will be softer and more delicate than their filter roast counterparts. Espressos, on the other hand, will be quite an intense and interesting taste experience and a bit longer / weaker than an espresso roast. Some people prefer their espressos this way, whereas others look for their espresso drinks to be more “consumable” and with lower brew ratios. For the latter, dedicated espresso roasts would be more suitable.


Within these categories, countless roast styles are still available. Even though some might change over time, or some new ones might be added, a few will be explained below.

Light roast focuses on clarity, tactile and sweetness. The coffee will exhibit its flavour profile distinctly and the taste experience will be mostly interesting, creamy and sweet. This can be taken even further as a “very light roast”, though this I generally only pursue with filter roasts.

Dark roast is more geared towards people not looking for as many unique flavours, but more for an enjoyable beverage. This roasting style is only used for espresso coffees, and produces more bitters in the cup. This, I do not use to mask any natural flavours, but more to enhance the subjective taste experience. It is a dedication to the knowledge and passion of the classic Italian coffee culture, but with a modern twist. This coffee is very suitable for cafes that want to serve multiple drinks per customer.

Medium roast is kind of in between: there is a delicate balance between clarity, mouthfeel and bitters. Generally, this provides an interesting but still accessible taste experience. It is recommended for people who want something special, but still enjoyable and not mind-blowing.

Shokunin signature omniroast is a roasting style I personally developed. This is an omniroast style that is used for some coffees to bring extreme clarity and sweetness, almost a punch in the face with it, but with hardly any bitters. It gives a very explosive taste experience, and is still very enjoyable. Whenever this option is available, I would definitely recommend it.

Very light roast is comparable to what people generally call “Scandinavian roast”. Proper development, but so light that you get maximum transparancy and clarity, but still with a soft and sweet mouthfeel. This results in a very tea-like but extremely enjoyable (or in the venerated words of Zeeshan Malik of Kaafi Coffee: high gulpability) cup of coffee. It is one of the few roasting styles of which I could drink multiple cups a day. Very suitable for people looking for enjoyable but interesting filter or omniroast brews.

Whenever a new roasting style is added to the lineup, I will see to have it added to this page.