El Sopapo

Arnold Paz has created and maintains a web of knowledge and passion, stimulating innovation, quality and sustainability in Honduras.


El Sopapo

Arnold Paz is locally known for his passion, curiosity and love for coffee. He is our main contact in Honduras, but not only because of his dedication and delivered quality. He also trains and consults with other farmers, so he can establish relationships with new people and projects as well. With the help of our partners at Cima Cafe and Arnold himself, we can keep an eye on any hidden gem, but also establish a sustainable relationship Arnold and give him peace of mind and financial freedom.


Arnold Paz realized that in order to improve his quality, he needs data about his coffee, as much as he can gather. This is something he can also use to train other farmers in their practices. For each of his lots, he registers not only the variables in processing, but also the exact hours of drying and fermentation, which dryers were used, how many days of drying and rest the coffee had, the average ambient temperature and moisture, etc. This gives us confidence that we can work with this coffee in the coming years and learn from any taste difference it may exhibit.

Brewing recipe | espresso

Brew ratio: 2.3
Shot time: 26 seconds
Water temperature: 92.5 degrees Celsius
Pressure: 8.9 bars

Brewing recipe | filter

Brewing method: V60
Coffee dose: 18 grams
Water dose: 300 grams
Water temperature: 92 degrees Celsius
Brew time: 2:50

Additional information
Weight N/A

Santa Barbara, Honduras


1,478 m.a.s.l.


60% Caturra, 40% Typica


Fully washed, 26hr fermentation, 24hr soak, dried first on patio, then on parabolic beds.


Nutty, sweet aromas like panela and nutmeg. Bright, juicy sweetness like cranberries. Soft body like milk chocolate.


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