Coffee subscription

Freshly roasted coffee sent out every first Tuesday of the month. Free sign-up and cancel any time you like.


  • A different coffee, sent every first Tuesday of the month.
  • Amount of bags = amount of different coffees.
  • Automatic monthly payment for the consecutive month.
  • No hassle, no strings attached, just a lot of tasty brews!

With this subscription, you will get freshly roasted coffee automatically delivered every month. This includes coffees from the regular line-up, but also special microlots that are not available to regular customers.

All coffee is roasted for both filter and espresso. The coffee you receive will differ every month; we will make sure you rarely get the same coffee. A few days before every shipment, you will receive an email that lists that month’s subscription coffees, so you will have the opportunity to get that one exciting, extra bag.

If you want to receive one particular coffee every month, or 1 surprise coffee and 1 regular coffee, please let us know. We can tailor every subscription to your wants and needs.


A shipping charge is applied to subscriptions, based on the quantity of coffee. Within the Netherlands, coffee will be delivered the day after shipments are sent out. International shipments may take longer, but should still be delivered within a week after roasting. There are also free pick-up locations in Rotterdam to choose from.


After the initial payment for your first month, the monthly subscription fee will be automatically charged with your payment method. This will happen in the first week of every month, to pay automatically for the delivery of the next month. Example: the automatic payment made in the first week of June, will buy you the July subscription box, which is sent out on the first Tuesday of July.

This means you don’t have to do anything to keep the coffee coming. If you ever want to alter your subscription, like changing the quantity of coffee or putting it on hold, you can do so easily through your personal Shokunin account.


If you wish to give someone else a subscription for a limited time, just fill in their address and leave a comment with your order saying how long the subscription should run. We will take care that the payments and shipments automatically end on the specified date.

Free shipping

Netherlands: > 50 Euros
EU: > 200 Euros (may vary per country)
Worldwide shipping available upon request

Free shipping

Netherlands: > 50 Euros
EU: > 200 Euros (may vary per country)
Worldwide shipping available upon request

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