Juan Pablo and Efrain Argote

Our biggest collaboration in origin so far. Since 2014, we have been improving and diversifying the Argote family’s coffee. We have built drying beds, fermentation tanks, depulping tanks and a lot more.

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Ana Restrepo

In 2018, we met Ana Restrepo at a cupping hosted by Juan Pablo Argote in Cali, Colombia. Her coffee showed a lot of potential and Ana showed her passion and energy. Our mutual enthusiasm led to this wonderful collaboration and our self-imported coffee: true direct trade.

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Costa Rica

Roberto Jimenez

We met Nicolas Salcedo of Planting Costa Rica in 2017 during his crowdfunded sales tour through Europe. He introduced us to don Roberto Jimenez’s coffee and their plans to bring life into Miramar as a coffee region again.

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Rebecca Trupin

Tanzania is one of those countries that is really difficult to work with. Fortunately, we had to opportunity to meet Rebecca Trupin (wit the big smile in the picture) who is a U.S. citizen but regularly visits Tanzania, her home country. Together, we have managed to make the production process at the Aranga cooperative more organized and standardized, allowing the coffee to get closer and closer to its full potential.

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Gilbert Gatali

Born in Canada but with Rwandese roots, Gilbert worked as an involved and sustainable coffee importer for 13 years. In 2018, he realized his dreams by taking over a run-down washing station. We believed in Gilbert’s experience and vision and have supported him from the start.

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D.R. Congo

Gilbert Makembele

The history of D.R. Congo is as tragic as the country is rich and beautiful. Gilbert has a strong sense of mission to bring help people rebuild their lives and build peace. Since 2017, we have been buying this coffee to support his cause.

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Arnold Paz

Since the 19th century, the Paz family has been producing coffee in the Santa Barbara region. The farm has been handed down generations and is now run by Arnold Paz and his two brothers. In 2018, we adopted the El Sopapo microlot from which we have built a stable relationship.

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The Tocto family

The Tocto family has shown us and the people around them how entrepreneurship, respect for best practices and circular thinking can change lives. Since 2011, they have been modernizing their approach to specialty coffee and made it more sustainable. Since 2018, we have been using their organic practices and sense of marketing as an example for other collaborations.

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Founder Jelle with the Hopong cooperative representatives

Hopong cooperative

Only recently did Myanmar start producing specialty coffee. After an extremely successful pilot batch of 3 bags in 2017, the coop Hopong started including more communities and growing exponentially. Despite their growth, they have managed to deliver a very consistently high quality.

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Gloria Gummerus

Kenyan coffee is usually traded through a big corrupt and messy auction system. However, recently one of our partners managed to get their own export license and therefore start direct trade. Gloria proved a great first producing partner with her focus on environmental sustainability and women empowerment.

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