Green coffee

Green coffee, the same as we use, for people to roast at home.


Green coffee

For passionate home roasters, it’s generally difficult to get access to green specialty coffee. Since we try to get people all across the production chain connected and to promote our projects in origin, we now have the possibility to supply green coffee. This gives other roasters the opportunity to contribute to our projects in origin through the raw product as well.

Argote – Colombia – Washed Castillo/Caturra – Red apple, chocolate, Darjeeling tea
Argote Cherry Ferment – Colombia – Cherry ferment Castillo/Caturra – Liquorice, cranberry, black tea, cola
Argote Kenyan Wash – Colombia – Kenyan Wash Castillo/Caturra – Elderflower, red berry, Darjeeling tea
Ana Restrepo – Colombia – Washed Castillo – Marzipan, honey, red apple, dark chocolate
Leonardo Muñoz – Colombia – Washed Castillo – Red apple, dark chocolate
El Bueyerito – Costa Rica – Washed Caturra – Tangerine, brown sugar, chocolate, nuts
El Sopapo – Honduras – Washed Caturra/Typica – Nutmeg, cranberry, milk chocolate
Hopong Bant Sauk – Myanmar – Natural mix – Orange, strawberry, banana, toffee
Intango – Rwanda – Washed Bourbon – Lavender, pineapple, strawberry, black tea
Intango Natural – Rwanda – Natural Bourbon – Jasmine, cherry, mango, black tea
Ngula – D.R. Congo – Washed mix – Spices, berries, black tea
Aranga PB – Tanzania – Washed Bourbon, Kent – Blackcurrant, vanilla, black tea


For all coffees, we charge our purchasing price plus 40%. This surcharge is based on our storage costs and risk, inflation, transportation, packaging and service. We do our utmost to also keep the price of the green coffee in the accessible range for everyone and feel that these prices fairly represent the coffee’s quality and stories. Buying this coffee will also directly contribute to the running projects in origin.


This is not simply buying green coffee; it is becoming part of the Shokunin coffee collective. You will be engaged in the process with the producers, so you also have a story to tell. This way, we can make a big difference in the minds of our customers. Get in touch for advice on roasting this coffee.

If you wish to order entire bags (35 / 42 / 60 / 70 kgs) of green coffee, please get in touch to receive a quote.

Free shipping

Netherlands: > 60 Euros
EU: > 150 Euros
Worldwide: > 250 Euros

Free shipping

Netherlands, Belgium, Germany: > 75 Euros
EU: > 150 Euros
Worldwide: > 250 Euros

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